Jun 16


in the big scheme of things, i cant make everyone happy. but i want to. i wanna be the person that always makes someone happy.

it’s father’s day, so i got my dad a gift. a walking stick. it was pretty nice, and very well made and i even had his name carved in at the end. i thought it’d be a nice gift since my dad made me one himself.

however im not frequently out in the wilderness collecting branches and carving wood or being a mountain man enough to make one on my own damn time so i had this delightful old man at a local art fair make one for him special. good enough right???????????


so here i am presenting my gift to my dad with the whole happy father’s day speech and his very first response is that his stick is way better and more meaningful than the one i bought

leaving me stunned


que the tears and fake smile
guess im a shit daughter

Jun 01


listening to: somebody i used to know - elliot smith

hi thank you for visiting

my name is minty, im a freelance artist living in seattle
in my spare time i do a lot of gaming and work, but id really like to take this time during the summer to focus on art stuff as well

anyway ill put updates and thoughts on this blog for those who are interested in the progression of projects and ideas, thanks again for followingggg